Yoga On The Go!

by Jenn Bodnar | March 3, 2016 11:10 pm

Maintaining a regular yoga practice can be a challenge even for the most devout yogis. Between work, family, friends, exercising and errands, the days can start to feel a little compressed.

Fortunately, I work for and practice at a facility that truly fosters a home practice. We are constantly encouraged at LifePower Yoga classes to follow the guidance of our own unique breath and to explore movement on our own often.

There are days that I simply cannot (or do not want to) make it to a class. Though I miss the community connection and inspiration from the teacher, I’m grateful to have the empowerment to take my yoga practice anywhere. You can always find some time to meditate, stretch or even throw down an intense arm balance practice in just a few minutes.

Yoga on the go can be uninspiring, daunting, tricky, sticky and even slippery. Here are a few tips to keep your yoga practice going strong even when you can’t make it to class.

1.  Quality of Quantity.
Contrary to popular belief, yoga doesn’t have to be done all at once or for any specific amount of time. If you can meditate for 5 minutes in the morning, do it. Perhaps later in the day you can stretch for 10 minutes. Spinal twists are amazing. You can do them standing, seated or lying down. Forward folds, as well. They are very releasing and you can do this at the copy machine! The point is, yoga doesn’t care how long you do it. Completely quieting your mind and coming into a child’s pose or a headstand for 2 minutes can be just as powerful as a 2 hour ashtanga practice at the right time.

2. There’s an app for that.
And You Tube. And a million yogis sharing numerous videos online these days like Cody App. Instead of snubbing them for having perfect hair or extra bendy bodies, focus on their intention. They most likely do yoga because it feels good. They most likely share yoga to inspire you to feel good in your own body. You can find a sequence for anything: beginners to building a better booty, hip opening sequences to hip hop flows. If you are feeling like you need some guidance there is a yoga practice right at your finger tips. Google it!

3.  Downsize.
There are all sorts of life hacks created for people on the go. Here are just a few:



Remember yoga is not about the clothes, the music or the stuff! You really don’t need ANYTHING but your breath to practice yoga. So when in doubt, un-clutter; make some space emotionally, mentally and physically to connect with your breath anywhere. You might discover that practicing at home, the park or in the airport can be very liberating and that missing class isn’t the absolute worst thing in the world. Variety is the spice of life. Be grateful for the opportunity to be creative. You never know what might unfold!

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