Guidelines for Articles

Yoga Digest is a resource for everything related to yoga, wellness, alternative health, green living, lifestyle, nutrition, and happiness. This is our premise and we strive to give our readers valuable insights into these topics. With that said, it’s important that all submissions contain information that our readers can relate to.

Please Note: If your article does not follow the editorial rules below, it will most likely not get published.


  • Tone: Friendly, positive, fun, upbeat. Slang or informal vocabulary is okay.
  • Audience: The majority of our readers are into yoga, alternative health and healthy living.
  • Sources: If you take substantial parts of information or images from third party sources, please refer to those sources at the end of your article.
  • Images: Images are always great if you have them!  Otherwise, we will choose our own.
  • Links: Articles that contain external links are considered a sponsored posts. These posts show up on the FEATURED section on top of our website.  Rates for sponsored articles start at $250 per post.

What we DO Publish

  • Content that is edited with proper spelling, no typos, correct grammar and ready to be published.
  • Facts, information, backgrounds, interviews.
  • Expert knowledge sharing, expert opinions, valuable personal insights.
  • Motivation, encouragement, humor.
  • Recipes, instructions, descriptions.
  • News, current happenings, viral stuff.

What we DO NOT Publish

  • Articles that have been or will be published on other websites.
  • Overly self-centered personal blog-style articles.
  • Promotional articles, self-marketing or biased product reviews (unless a paid sponsored post. See GUIDELINES > LINKS to the left to learn more).