4 Reasons to be a ‘Lucky’ Shopper

4 Reasons to be a ‘Lucky’ Shopper

As a member of our community, you’ll notice we very rarely promote certain brands unless they absolutely correlate and go hand in hand with the Yoga Digest mission.

Getting right to it… shopping online for your favorite wellness products, but not knowing where to look will take you to dozens of different sites, forget what you were actually browsing and may even you get tricked into seeing a great deal on a totally different product then you were shopping for.  This is called ‘browser blackout’ and I’m here to save you from this catastrophe so you can avoid the browser blackout chaos when shopping for your favorite wellness items.  Having shopped conveniently online, and inconveniently offline looking for my favorite products for years, I have to share my new favorite place to shop – LuckyVitamin.com.

1) They have EVERYTHING

Literally, everything! And they ship from their own warehouse. I don’t have to shop multiple websites to find all my products. Their website may be a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll never have to leave the website or get up to take a bathroom break.  It’s literally a Whole Foods and Sprouts Beauty & Vitamin section combined into an online portal. No need to stroll the aisle ever again!

2) Prices are hard to beat

The prices are hard to beat in my experience. Once again, I don’t have to buy one product from multiple different places to get the best deal.  Just to give some comparison of a couple products I regularly personally buy that I recently bought on Lucky Vitamin:

Lucky Vitamin Brand Green Coffee Bean (400 mg) 90 capsules 
I generally buy the Genesis Today brand with 60 capsules at the best price I can find it at.  The best I’ve ever got it for is $17, but I normally buy it at Sprouts for $20-$25.
Price at LuckyVitamin.com – $15

Garden of Life – Raw Meal (32 oz)
Sprouts – $45-$55 (depending on sales)
Price at LuckyVitamin.com – $42
As you can see, even the sales price at Sprouts doesn’t beat the regularly marked price I paid at Lucky Vitamin.

3) They are Family Owned

Being a privately owned operation ourselves, we appreciate other privately and family owned businesses.  Lucky Vitamin treats their employees like…family.  They consistently do fun things to sparks their team members interests.  This passion for their team is passed on in the vibe of their brand and customer service.

4) They Give Back, Alot.

Elaborating on their family owned awesomeness, they continuously throw their time into the community to show their commitment to spreading the wellness to everybody. Throughout the year, they volunteer at local non-profits, farms and outreach programs within their community.

If you are a beauty and wellness shopper looking for your favorite products in one place, take our word and head over to their website to see for yourself:


(I am an ambassador for this brand; this is NOT an affiliate link.)

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