Results Are In: Organic Foods Healthier Than Conventional

Results Are In: Organic Foods Healthier Than Conventional

The debate on organic versus conventional foods has gone back and forth for years.  The mainstream came out with a press release stating organic foods aren’t any healthier then conventional which was quickly revoked by the alternative media.

Newcastle University Researchers in England have analyzed and reviewed meta-analysis on 343 peer-reviewed scientific studies and have found that organic foods are overwhelmingly healthier than conventional.

The study showed organic foods contain much higher amounts of antioxidants, which help combat disease within the body.  Consumers who switched to organic fruits, vegetables and cereals would get 20-40 percent more antioxidants.  That’s equivalent of two extra portions of conventional fruits and vegetables, without the extra calorie intake.

Researchers also concluded that conventional foods contain 3-4 times more pesticide residue than organic foods while organic foods also contain lower levels of harmful metals, which are dangerous to the human health.

Studies continue to show organic foods are without question better for your health.  See our article 4 Ways To Save Money Eating Organic and make the switch to organic today!


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