Green Spring Cleaning

by Randi Ragan | March 14, 2016 6:41 pm

Spring is upon us and the ancient urge to purge is right along with it. One of the most simple and satisfying ways to get your spring cleaning buzz on, is to do an assessment of your actual cleaning products.

Many of the antibacterial products heavily marketed and expensively packaged for consumers, clean no better than soap and water. They can also breed some forms of “super bacteria” that become resistant to regular cleaning with soap and water. A key component of many anti-bacterial soaps and cleansers is triclosan. Studies have increasingly linked triclosan to a range of health and environmental effects, from skin irritation, allergy susceptibility, and dioxin contamination to destruction of fragile aquatic ecosystems. The contents of many chemical cleaners leave residues on surfaces and toxins in the air, and then later leach into the environment and ground water.

Here are some common major brand cleaning ingredients and their potent effects on human health:

Reading labels is a must so you can choose safer products for your home, but an even better way to make sure you are green cleaning is to get back to basics and make your own cleaners out of non-toxic and ingredients that may already be in your cabinets:

Try these tips to get started today:

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