4 Ways To Stay Energized Everyday

4 Ways To Stay Energized Everyday

Happy Friday!  For most of us, its the end of a long hard strenuous work week.  The weekend couldn’t come any sooner to relax and re-energize our bodies for yet another grinding week.  What if we could make everyday feel like an energizing Saturday?  We can!  With a few simple swaps in our lifestyle, there are ways to nourish your body to make everyday an energizing Saturday!

Here are 4 simple tips to feeling energized every single day:

1) Juice In The Morning
The first thing everyone should be doing before eating anything in the morning is juicing vegetables.  Juicing has so many health benefits and is a quick way to get your FULL daily intake of vitamins and minerals. When arising in the morning, your stomach is empty and in prime position to absorb nutrients effectively.  By juicing in the morning, you are starting your day off with pure raw nutrients and enzymes to boost your immunity and energize the cells in your body.  Be sure not to eat within 30 minutes of juicing for maximum absorption.

2) Stay Hydrated
Hydration is key to keeping the body running at full potential all day.  Feeling exhausted and literally wanting to rest your head on your desk is a key sign of dehydration. Our bodies are over 70% water and when our bodies do not have adequate fluids, our cells do not function properly leading to fatigue. It is ideal to drink a full gallon of purified high quality water each and every day.

3) Avoid Red Meat
This one is debatable, but try it and listen to your body.  Red meat (especially commercial non-organic) is full of antibiotics and hormones that our bodies are not meant to digest.  Furthermore, our bodies have the hardest time digesting meat due to its texture and acidity.  Meat causes additional acids in the stomach to be produced to break the digestion process down leading to a work over load of our digestion system.  This leads to bloating and extreme discomfort.  Try going a full week without eating red meat and see how you feel!

4) Get Adequate Sleep
The best way to get your deepest sleep is to make a routine before falling asleep in an environment your body is comfortable with.  This will train your body to know when it’s time to shut down and produce a better REM sleep.  REM is the Rapid Eye Movement sleep that your body not only needs, but it loves.  If you get sleep that you love, your energy level for the next day will be going up to the roof. Sleeping a consistent amount of time every night will train your body on its daily cycle and help you feel more energized!

Try incorporating these 4 habits into your daily routine to stay energized and see how you feel.  Listen to your body, it knows best!

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