4 Reasons To Do Hot Yoga

4 Reasons To Do Hot Yoga

Many people are intimidated by the Hot Yoga craze. Some participants can’t figure out what exactly it is they love so much about it! Seeing sweaty, smelly barefoot yogis come out of a room with clothes drenched and everyone pink in the face has some wondering: Why all the sweat? Skeptics believe there is much misleading information regarding the safety and benefits and of hot yoga impacting current practitioners decision to continue. Here are just a few of our favorite reasons why 20.4 million Americans are practicing HOT YOGA.

1.  Hot Yoga helps you Lose weight.

  • Heat increases your heart rate, adding intensity which creates an after burn effect where you continue to torch extra calories for up to 24 hours.
  • Holding the postures with increased heart rate and heat builds long, lean muscle which also increases metabolism!

2.  Hot Yoga makes you Healthier.

  • Heat allows your blood vessels to become more flexible, reducing the chance of high blood pressure which can lower risk of heart disease.
  • Muscle developed in yoga classes strengthens bones and connective tissue making you less prone to injury.
  • Improves the lymphatic system and flushes out toxins.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Creates better balance.
  • Reduces body aches and pains.

3.  Hot Yoga increases Mental strength and makes you Happy!

  • Each practice provides an opportunity to overcome obstacles and adversity one breath at time leaving you feeling accomplished yet calm.
  • Relieves Stress.
  • Creates a better sense of well being.
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Relieves Stress.
  • Increases mindfulness and awareness, making you more appreciative.

4.  Hot Yoga Makes you….HOT!

  • Seriously, sweating improves skin tone. As you sweat, your pores open up, allowing natural lanolin to release which softens and preserves skin’s elasticity.
  • Self confidence is often considered the most attractive quality one can have and a regular yoga practice can significantly build self esteem, self awareness and self acceptance.

The most important thing to remember about Hot Yoga is Child’s Pose!  Have fun, but know you can always rest in class if you need.  Laugh at yourself often, especially in yoga class! Everyone is learning. Stay on your own mat! Leave judgement and expectation at the door. Drink plenty of fluids and listen to your body. Yoga can be a light-hearted and transformational journey if you allow it.

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Cody@Yoga Digest

Cody is the Co-Founder & Publisher of Yoga Digest. Having his college basketball career cut short by a back injury, Cody opted for power yoga over surgery and medication. Fast forward a handful of years, the yoga journey combined with mindful eating habits has alleviated his back injury and done so much more for his mind and body. He is a avid advocate of self education and alternative health. Looking forward, Cody hopes to inspire people with his yoga story and educate the world how to become a happier and healthier generation. Facebook Profile